Game Day

Today I went to my first ever NFL game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Oakland Raiders.  It was a beautiful winter day full of sunshine and crisp 40 degree temperatures.  We had great seats up high along the 50 yard line and witnessed an exciting game where the Bengals dominated the other team.

In addition to a great game we witnessed a couple fights – on the field and off the field.  But it was all joy in our section as one member of our crew made lots of friends in the stands by sharing my latest creation, Whiskey Gummies.

Disclaimer:  bringing alcohol into sporting events is prohibited.  While some of the alcohol is cooked out of these, a significant amount still remains.

These flexible and slightly chewy candies should be made with a premium whiskey with a robust flavor that will carry through a high temperature boil.  The result is a bite sized treat with a great flavor and a hint of alcohol that is sure to make friends at any random sporting event or be the perfect ‘after dinner drink.’

You’ll find the full recipe in the recipe section of the site.

Whiskey Candies Ready for Eating


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