Pipetting Device Review

If you are attempting to make caviar (like these melon caviar) through the basic spherification method and finding that it takes too long to finish all the caviar before the first ones are hard as a rock, then a pipetting device might be right for you.

The Bel-Art Scienceware Polycarbonate Vaccu-Pette allows you to make hundreds of spheres in a matter of minutes giving you identical spheres completed at the same exact time.  Simply inject the pipette with the sodium alginate infused liquid and shake over the water and calcium chloride bath.  The caviar will form immediately and after 1-2 minutes can be transferred to a freshwater bath.

The drawbacks for this are certainly the cleanup.  As the device is one unit that does not disassemble, you’ll need to pump soapy water through the machine and then continually pump in fresh water to remove all the soap.  It is a time consuming process so if you want to make two different kinds of caviar in the same setting, you should purchase two devices.  Also, the syringe is not included, but any food flavor injector should work.  Click here to find everything you need.

Pipetting Device




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