Review of Heston Blumenthal At Home

Heston Blumenthal is one of the most celebrated chefs in the UK and the owner of the Fat Duck, a 3 Star Michelin restaurant consistently voted Best Restaurant UK.  Despite have no formal culinary training, Blumenthal has advanced the science of cooking through a relentless focus on experimentation and self-study.  His food can be labeled modernist and is very experiential incorporating site, sound, smell and taste into his dishes.


Heston Blumenthal At Home, is his attempt to bring exquisite cuisine into the realms of the home cook and is accessible for beginners while having enough challenge for more experienced cooks.  The book is divided into traditional sections like salads, soups, mains, and desserts and also includes a section on sous vide cooking.  The dishes feature many traditional British dishes like the Scotch egg and fisherman’s pie while also featuring some more modern creations like rosemary and bay leaf truffles.

This book was one of the first modernist cookbooks I felt comfortable tackling so you’ll notice several recipes on this site stemming from this book including beef stock, chicken stock, mushroom stock, mushroom parfait, rosemary and bay truffles, whiskey gummies, and salted caramels.  Starting with this book will give any burgeoning modernist cook the confidence to move onto bigger and more challenging projects.

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