Whipping Siphon Reviews

Whipping siphons are for so much more than just tasty whipped cream.  They can create luscious potato purees, silky chestnut creams, and zippy carbonated cocktails.  But not all whipping siphons are created the same; the basic models will suffice for your run of the mill whipping and carbonating, but if you want to get creative, you may need to invest in a higher end model.  Luckily these items are very versatile and of good quality so it should be around for years.


iSi Stainless Steel Gourmet Whip Plus

iSi is the undisputed leader of the siphon business with several different versions and sizes of the classic whipping siphon.  The Gourmet Whip Plus is the product I bought and I haven’t been dissatisfied once.  The construction is very high quality stainless steel and feels solid and heavy for its size.  All the fixtures are metal unlike some others that are plasticky.

This model comes with a couple different attachments and I recommend also getting the injector attachments which are great for filling things (like chestnut puffs).  It also comes with a cleaning brush to ensure all parts of the siphon are clean for the next use.  It also can be heated in a water bath for warm dishes like potato foam.

iSi Siphon


iSi Cream Profli Whip Plus

As with all other iSi products, this whipping siphon is very high quality and durable construction.  It has nearly all of the same features as the model reviewed above, but does not have the ability to be heated.  This means you will only be able to use this for cold applications like whipped cream.


iSi N2O Cream Chargers

These are the preferred nitrous chargers for your whipping siphon.  I typically buy in bulk as they are cheaper and last forever.


iSi Soda Seltzer Chargers

These are CO2 chargers that can be used in the iSi whipping siphon for carbonating beverages like the mojito spheres or carbonated cranberries I made.

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